In 2013, Science published the tumor immunotherapy as one of the world's top ten scientific breakthroughs, proclaiming the arrival of the era of cancer immunotherapy. Immunological checkpoint protein has become a top priority in tumor immunotherapy. How to screen functional antibodies against targets such as immune checkpoints is also a core process in antibody drugs development. Sanyou Bio focuses on the early stage of antibody drugs discovery, integrates the advantages of the platform, and establishes an integrated pharmacodynamic screening system in vitro with rich experience in functional screening.

With abundant screening experience and mature platform system, we can supply a variety of high-throughput drug screening services. We classified all tumor immune-related targets into three categories, such as activated targets, inhibitory targets, and tumor-associated antigens, including immune checkpoints.
With comprehensive targets, we established various screening methods for different targets including immunological checkpoints, also different screening methods for different types of targets, reducing time cost for customers.

Part of the test cases:

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