As an important protein expression method, mammalian cell expression system has unique technical advantages in protein initiation signal, processing, secretion, glycosylation, etc., and has become the mainstream protein preparation techniques in the field of biopharmaceuticals, especially macromolecular drugs. Most of the protein drugs currently on the market and undergoing clinical trials are derived from mammalian cells. Sanyou bio integrate in vitro cell line construction service including gene synthesis, vector constructs, cell lines preparation, identification of the protein, enabling fast customized cell line construction services.

Expression and purification of proteins only requires 1 to 2 weeks. Stable cell lines construction only needs 4-6 weeks.
Protein expression level of stable cell lines can reach 1-5g/L. There is also excellent expression level for low expression antigen proteins.
Success rate of preparing protein through transient transfection reaches up to 80%. Success rate of preparation of proteins through stable cell lines reaches up to 95%
The endotoxin is strictly controlled during the production process. With quality control such as SDS-PAGE, SEC, CEX, and bioactivity identification, the quality is guaranteed.
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