The preparation of therapeutic recombinant protein drugs by mammalian cell expression has become the mainstream technology in the field of biopharmaceuticals.
● ExpiCHO-S transient expression service of recombinant protein is a new and systematically optimized instantaneous recombinant protein expression system based on suspended CHO cells. Its expression level is much higher than that of HEK293 and other expression systems. The expression products obtained from serum-free medium with chemically defined were less impurities and higher concentration, which made it easier to purify. Cell culture and transfection also become easy to operate. It is an indispensable, efficient and convenient methods for research, diagnosis, detection and drug development.
● ExpiCHO-S expression level can usually be higher than 1g/L level.
● It has antigen-antibody binding activity and can reproduce the data in patent in the development of functional assay.

Protein expression and purification, delivery within 2 weeks, higher purity.
Transient expression is more than 1g/L.
The success rate of antibody preparation as high as 95%.
Strict control of endotoxin level, supplemented by quality control methods such as SDS-PAGE, SEC and activity identification, which can ensure the quality of antibody.

Comparison of HEK293 and ExpiCHO Transient System Expressions

At the same expression volume, ExpiCHO transient system is about 10 times higher than HEK293, which is enough to meet the needs of the next experiment.

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