In 1957, Puck Laboratory first isolated Chinese hamster ovary cells and cultured them in vitro. This cell possess infinite dividing ability. Through modification, Puck established the most primitive cell line of CHO cells that we are currently using. CHO cells have natural advantages. According to statistics, more than 50% of antibody drugs on the market are derived from CHO cells.
The world's first FDA-approved biopharmaceutical expressed by CHO cells is Genentech’s tPA, from which CHO cells began to enter the biopharmaceutical industry as the expression host cells.
At present, large-scale production of CHO cells has been widely used in the production of biological products such as antibodies, genetic recombination proteins, vaccines, etc. Biopharmaceuticals expressed by CHO cells have occupied thousands of dollars of market share, The potential is huge and the market share is still increasing.


Cell lines for research

1. The vector system optimized by our company can improve the success rate of high expression stable cell line construction.
2. The host cell has a clear background and can be used for research.
3. High protein yield, titer of mini-pool reach up to 1-3g/L.
4. From gene synthesis to mini-pool cell identification takes only 2.5 months.
5. About 30 cell line construction services could be carried out at the same time with the high throughput technology.


Stable cell line construction refers to the integration of exogenous genes into the host cells and chromosomes, so that the host cells can stably express the target genes for a long time, which is suitable for the early-stage drug development and commercialization for the final products.



Our company has abundant experience in antibody cell line construction, which can provide integrated services from gene synthesis to stable cell line construction and antibody expression. The integrated service mode is mature. After obtaining the sequence, codon optimization will be carried out according to our experience, and the system is constructed into the company's dominant carrier system. Then DNA is transfected into host cells by the company's optimized electroporation method. The transfection efficiency can always reach more than 80%. After a series of optimized screening methods, 2-3 optimized clones will be finally delivered to customer.

Technical process:

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