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In 1984, a patient diagnosed with leukemia was cured by recombinant interleukin-2 therapy. In 2018, researchers focusing on immune checkpoint in tumor immunity won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. The "immunotherapy" of tumor experienced more than 30 years of development and reached the era of full outbreak. Cancer immunotherapy comes of age.

In the past decade, antibody drugs targeting immune checkpoints have become an inter- national trend. In the process of antibody drug R&D stage, in vitro efficacy evaluation plays an indispensable role.

Due to the different MOA of various targets, the in vitro models for efficacy evaluation are also greatly different. So the establishment of an efficient and practical in vitro efficacy evaluation model will significantly accelerate the R&D process of antibody drugs.

Sanyoubio focuses on innovative antibody drug discovery. Our professional team have spent over 3 years to establish a stable, efficient and reliable in vitro efficacy screening service platform. So far, Sanyoubio has established a powerful screening system for in vitro efficacy evaluation of various targets. Besides, we also provide services for fast establishment of suitable in vitro evaluation model for new targets.

Sanyoubio, a professional service provider for accelerating your antibody drug discovery process and makes your in vitro data more stable and efficient.


We have spent more than 2 years to build the powerful platform:
1) Hundreds of stable cell lines derived from ATCC
2) A variety of artificial evaluation systems
3) A perfect human/ murine primary cell sorting and induction platform

We provide you a PESP (professional, efficient, stable, practical) in vitro efficacy evaluation platform, to promote and simplify your antibody drug R&D process.

Our in vitro efficacy evaluation platform classifies the cell evaluation methods according to different targets, such as tumor specific antigen(TSA), co-stimulatory immune-checkpoint(CIC), inhibitory immune-checkpoint(IIC), and other immune modulators(OIM). We have also established corresponding evaluation models for different targets, that could be used to evaluate the antibody drug efficacy for different tumor models.

Antigen types

Established models for corresponding target



1. Comprehensive models ready for testing, to save your valuable time

2. Powerful primary cell models makes your evaluation results more meaningful

3. High quality, faster and cost effective, professional service from experienced team

Cellular screening

Based on affinity and blockade activity

We have constructed over one hundred stable cell lines expressing IO-related drug target, which guarantee the immediate evaluation of your antibodies once you placeg an order. The powerful high-throughput flow cytometry platform is able to detect hundreds of antibody molecules each day, allowing you to easily screen candidate molecules with high affinity or fully blocking capacity.

Artificial efficacy evaluation models

We have constructed dozens of artificial efficacy evaluation models, that make your assay more stable and efficient.

Valuable human primary cell

Our primary cell evaluation system used German Miltenyi technology to obtain the high-quality primary cells. The professional primary cell induction and cultivation platform guarantees the stability of our evaluation models, by which makes the data more solid and meaningful.

Assays for TSA

Assays for AIC

Assays for IIC

Assays for OIM

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