The ExpiCHO recombinant protein transient expression service is a novel protein expression system based on suspended CHO cells. It's expression level far exceeds that from HEK293 and other contemporary expression systems. Through the usage of a chemically defined, serum-free medium, the expression product has less impurities, a higher concentration, and it is easier for purification. Cell culture and transfection operations are also extremely simple. It is an indispensable, efficient, and convenient means for research, diagno-sis, testing and drug develop-ment.

The Extreme-CHO Recombi-nant Protein Stable Expression Service is a highly efficient protein preparation system based on CHO stable cell lines. The system can yield expression level as high as 1-5g/L.

Protein expression and purification take only 1-2 weeks.
Transient expression can usually reach 0.5-1g/L.
The success rate of transient protein preparation was as high as 95%.
Endotoxin is strictly controlled in protein production, and quality control is ensured by SDS-PAGE, SEC, CEX and activity validation.

Comparison of expression levels between HEK293 and ExpiCHO transient systems

Expression levels from ExpiCHO transient system is 10 times higher than that of the HEK293 transient system.

Protein purification is a very important step in the early development and later production of antibody drugs. Related methods include affinity chromatography, ion exchange, SEC, etc.

Sanyou protein purification service follows the industry standard, mainly through AKTA pure purification equipment, affinity chromatography (beads including Protein A and Ni-NTA, etc.) for the preliminary purification, and purity of samples after the preliminary purification (purity>95%) can meet the requirements of early stage antibody drug discovery.

AKTA purification curve

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